E. J. Pepper's novel ‘The Colours of the Dance,’ won the 2016 First Novel Prize and was listed in the Fish, Flash 500, Mslexia and Yeovil competitions.


Her second book, Flight Path, was the winner of the 2017 Exeter Novel Prize.


She is currently working on her third novel.


Born in Belfast, E. J. Pepper grew up in Worcestershire and County Donegal.

She studied English language and literature at London University and, following a lifetime ambition, took a Masters’ Degree in Creative Writing at Chichester University.

EJ Pepper  | Author

She has worked as a magistrate, couple therapist and university lecturer.

She lives with her husband on the Surrey/Sussex border.

Flight Path

Flight Path by EJ Pepper

Published 2020

‘Sensitively written and highly topical, this is a brilliant portrayal of two worlds colliding, and the far-reaching effects this type of accusation can have.’ Exeter Novel Prize.

The Colours of the Dance

The Colours of the Dance by EJ Pepper

‘Brede is a compelling narrator and her child-like perspective on the unfolding political events shines a very human angle on this historic time.’