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Ollie Moorhouse is a struggling journalist, heavily in debt and fearful of losing his increasingly restless girlfriend. When his editor offers him the chance of pursuing an intriguing story, Ollie is hopeful that it will solve his personal and financial problems. His investigations lead him to an eccentric peer of the realm, a grieving philanthropist, a homeless drug addict and a wealthy landowner. But what is it that connects them?

As events move between London, Wiltshire and Eastern Europe, Ollie finds himself caught up in a web of blackmail and murder. With the help of his girlfriend, he starts to piece together the puzzle but, in the process, becomes a key suspect. What is motivating the murderer, and who is the real killer?


‘Winter Kill’ is an enthralling read and, with its intricate plot and compelling characters, is sure to captivate fans of the thriller genre.

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Winter Kill by EJ Pepper
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